Friday, December 23, 2011

Album for Baby Girl

It's been a while since i've posted, but i've been a bit on the busy side the last 2 months. Been in a very creative frame of mind despite the chaos at work. In the last two months i've come up with 3 different albums incorporating Kathy Orta's Paper bag technique. Obviously here in South Africa it's a little harder to get hold of all sizes of paper bags, so for the two i've used envelopes and changed it to suit me.

This one that i've decided to showcase is for a baby girl. The paper stack i used was from Martha Stewart which is specifically for baby girls. Cover has been covered with pastel pink mulberry paper and the cut-outs for the cover and through out the book were done on my new Silhouette Cameo machine which i bought myself for Christmas.

Here are some images of the album.

Hoping to finish off my other two albums in the next few days with me being on Christmas leave.

Thank you for looking and have a lovely day.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovely Birthday Indeed

Hello everybody,

So today i became a year older and what a lovely day it was. I was surprised at work with my work area being decorated in  bright yellow smiley faces and a balloon and a card from Management. During the day i was blessed with not a few but many lovely messages on bbm; facebook and the forums and spoilt rotten by friends and family.

Thank you to everyone that made my day truly special. Really means the world to me knowing that i have so many awesome and amazing people in my life.

Will load a few pics of what my day involved as soon as i've uploaded them to my mac :)

Tons of hugs,


Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Credit Controller's Day

Yesterday we attended National Credit Controller's Day at Emperor's Palace hosted by Experian. The entire day was an amazing experience shared with +/- 700 other ladies. Alot of laughter, gifts, yummy food and in general and lovely day out of the office.

Of course i would take note of the colour scheme and theme of the event as i'm a avid crafter and yes the whole time i was there i was thinking of how i could turn that into greeting cards and the fact that i LOVE anything to do with Damask, well you can just imagine how thrilled i was when we saw our tables.

Theme was black and white. So picture this: +/- 80 round tables covered with white table cloths. Each table with a white runner with black velvet damask design on. Each alternative table with either a black or white lamp shade with crystals. Each table with co-ordinating chair covers alternating in Black or white with Silver rope tie backs.

As for the food, started off with finger food for tea and then a 3 course meal during the course of the day.

Every guest received a goodie bag that has a few little items in them such as  a personalised calendar, pens, calculator folder that has little sticky notes & flags, liquid hand soap, ruler etc.....

How cool is the calendar. Each page has an image with my name on it. I have my own Eifell Tower, Red Phone Booth, Beach..... and Hollywood is now known as LeeWood..... hehe! I feel real important... lol! Will take pics of each page and load them for a giggle as soon as i have a chance.

The day consisted of many give-aways, talks, motivational speakers and just a lot of fun. Although I personally didn't win any gifts, I had an amazing day and hope to attend next years event.

Thanks for reading and chat to you all soon.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

CAS Challenge - Black & White

Thought i would participate in the Outlawz CAS (Clean and Simple) Card challenge this evening. The theme is "Black & White".

This is my entry:

Thanks for looking. Enjoy the rest of your evening.



Birthday Shutter Card

What a long week it turned out to be..... but it ended off much better than how it started. It was a cousin's birthday today and i decided i would get back into the swing of things and make her a card for her birthday and i've wanted to attempt a shutter card for a few months now, but never got around to...... until now. Let me tell you, this was quite a difficult task with all my craft supplies still packed away so safely from the move, that I don't even remember where i've packed them. Lol!

Anyway, this is what i came up with and needless to say it was a hit with the recipient :)

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and creative week ahead.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back online

After being away from the online world for a few months, i am back and ready to take on new creative challenges. Soon i'll be fully setup to get back into my creative projects and hopefully to participate in some swaps.

The past few months has been interesting to say the least with the alterations which is now (finally) complete. Moved into my new (much bigger) room which has much more space for my crafts, now have a mac which is awesome. So now it's a case of jumping in and getting creative :)

Hope to get in contact with you all real soon so we can catch up.



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simply Scrappy Crafts site closed down :(

Due to health reasons, Judy decided to close down the SSC site and as much as im going to miss going on the site for inspiration and a chat with all the wonderful people i met from all over the world, i do understand the reasoning behind Judy's decision.

Also a very big thank you to Judy for all her hard work on the site and to inspiring us in everything we did. Wishing her a speedy recovery with her back and her health in general.

Having said that, i was unfortunately not in time to message all my new friends :( but i will try my utmost to get hold of your blog addy's and follow you.
Other than that, i haven't been that creative with us busy with alterations here at home and with all the noise, dust and everything else, did i mention DUST, i just have not been in the mood to create anything. Hopefully when all this altering is complete and i'm in my new BIGGER room i'll be more inspired to create!?! :)

Wishing everyone an awesome week ahead and to all my fellow South African's, here's to a warmer week.



Sunday, May 22, 2011

I won a prize :)

Look what I got in the mail yesterday?

Ok, so remember I participated in a Swap on the Cricut Community a few months ago?!? Well, check who's won Group C? Yup, me  & FromMyPinkRoom

Group A - Skrappindiva & CandyHazzard
Group B - amyscats & NoraDickey
Group C - CraftiCritta & FromMyPinkRoom
Binder - ScrappyTinman & TeriLeader

Congratulations to all that participated in this swap!!! Just proves we have a lot of creative people from all over the world.

Also a huge thank you to Sherry Nicholson for hosting both swaps. She did an amazing job and it's been an absolute blast swapping with her and my fellow swappers on the Cricut Community.

Hugs to all,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Invitation for a 13th Birthday

I was asked to design a birthday invitation for a soon to be 13 year old who LOVES the Stormers Rugby Team. After many hours and drafts, this is what I finally came up with:

Not too bad for my first digital invitation attempt :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

SSC ~ April Blog Hop

Good afternoon!

If this is the first time you’ve visited my blog, WELCOME and thank you for visiting. I decided to participate in a Blog Hop on Simply Scrapping Crafts and this Month the theme was Seasons.

Here in South Africa we are currently going through Autumn, although a chilly autumn, today has been lovely with it being sunny and warm.

Blog Hop Card 25.04.2011

This is what I've come up with. All the pieces except the tag and squares were cut with my cricut and the whole card has been made with bits here and there of what i have in my stash.

Have a stunning afternoon/morning.



Monday, March 21, 2011

Altered Paper Clip Swap – Round 2 – Cricut Community

I had so much fun participating in Round 1 of the Altered paperclip swap on the Cricut Community that i decided to participate again in Round 2, but this time we had a theme to work from. The two categories i chose was “From the Garden” and “Anything Goes”.
This is how my clips turned out:
Swap Round 2
Think they turned out real cute.  Hope my fellow swappers like them as much as i do Smile

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Altered Paper Clip–Round 1–Cricut Community

As you know i signed up to participate in Round 1 of the Altered Paper Clip Swap on the Cricut Community.
Well, this is how my paper clip turned out for my very first SWAP Smile
PClip FrontPClip inner
Went with an Irish butterfly blessing which i thought went well with the butterfly on the front of the clip.
As luck would have it, while finishing these off, Sherry who is the hostess of this swap has started Round 2, and being a sucker for punishment that i am, i signed up within a heart beat. Sure I'm going to have tons of fun with Round 2 as I've had with Round 1. Let’s see what comes of that.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Candy :)

Charlie of ABC Crafts has been very generous in offering some blog candy. As you can see from the pic below, Charlie is really spoiling us with all these delicious scrapping goodies. Thank you Charlie!!!

This is what the Candy consists of:

1x Martha Steward Score Board
1x HOTP Type Writer Alphabet 12x12”
6x Couture Light-weigh Card stock 12x12”
1x Glitz Rebel Borders 12x12”
1x Glitz Rebel Card Stickers
1x Glitz Rub On’s

This competition is closing on Monday the 28th of February and the winner will be announced on Tuesday the 1st of March 2011.

Stay tuned to find out who the lucky winner is. I personally CANNOT  wait.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Birthday Card

A colleague of mine asked me to make a birthday card for her daughter, but she needed it by Friday. Type of person i am, how could i decline such a challenge Winking smile.

So, this is what i came up with:




Quick card with great results Smile.



Saturday, January 22, 2011

18th Birthday Card

A birthday card i made for my cousin’s girlfriend for her 18th birthday.

Consists of the cover, inner page and back cover. Took me about a weekend to do this card with all the little bits and pieces that needed to be glued on.
Was over the moon at the finished project.
Chat Soon.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Altered Paper Clip

Ok, so i signed up for the paper clip swap as i mentioned in my previous post. Well this was my 2nd attempt at creating an altered paper clip.

Black & Pink Paper Clip

Will post pics of my paper clips i made for the swap once they complete and ready to be sent. Wouldn’t want my group members spying on my clips Winking smile


Other than that i completed a 18th Birthday card for my cousin’s girlfriend which i’ll post pictures of in the next day or two.


Chat soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paper & Binder Clip Swap–Cricut Community

Decided i would do something different this year and so I joined the Cricut Community. Found a swap I thought I'd participate in and it’s called the “Paper Clip Swap”. Basically what happens is there are groups of about 20 people and all 20 people create 20 similar looking paper clips and send off to a central person and then she sends us back 20 different paperclips. The organiser/hostess of this particular swap is Sherry Nicholson of South Carolina.

The final groups are as follows:

1. Sherry Nicholson - ice cream cone LOL
2. Skrappindiva
3. Terri Leader - birthday
4. CandyHazzard LOL
5. Flowercutie - phrases LOL
6. tiffanyherrington - birthday
7. BetsyBoo - spring LOL
8. noradickey - mickey head LOL
9. Scrappy Tinman - vintage
10. laurahunter - scotty dog LOL
11. MaureenSala - baby girl LOL
12. crystalslate - sunflowers LOL
13. Lady Bug Fever
14. CoyoteKim - bunny LOL
15. VinDeeLoo
16. TxSunflower2 - easter egg
17. ollychelle - sun
18. Scrapbook Fairy - flowers LOL
19. BluegrassBug - "bling" LOL
20. Scraprageous - animal theme

1. Sherry Nicholson - butterfly LOL
2. Skrappindiva
3. Terri Leader - easter
4. CandyHazzard LOL
5. Flowercutie - phrases LOL
6. tiffanyherrington - hearts
7. noradickey - minnie head LOL
8. laurahunter - shell LOL
9. MaureenSala - postage stamp LOL
10. crystalslate - gingerbread man LOL
11. Scrappy Tinman - vintage flower
12. Lady Bug Fever
13. CoyoteKim - pinwheel LOL
14. TxSunflower2 - sunflower
15. amyscats - patriotic
16. Davelor - flowers LOL
17. ollychelle - snowflake
18. Scrapbook Fairy - cupcakes LOL
19. BluegrassBug - flowers LOL
20. Stephenie

1. Sherry Nicholson - teapot LOL
2. planlady19 - animals LOL
3. ollychelle - pumpkins
4. AmyS

5. noradickey - Pluto head LOL
6. TxSunflower2 - starfish
7. Crafti Critta - butterfly LOL  ------> This is me  Smile
8. Scraprageous - shape theme LOL
9. frosty - spring
10. ANGEL = planlady19 - ANGEL
11. craftjunkie
12. dansgg
13. pmdaisy
14. laurahunter LOL
15. pamfairley - Paris LOL
16. FromMyPinkRoom - flower LOL
17. Scrappy Tinman
18. Scrappin'Palace LOL
19. skmichael
20. chefkimmo

1. Sherry Nicholson - patterned
2. Scrappy Tinman - dog
3. Terri Leader - baby boy
4. pamfairlely LOL
5. crystalslate - apples LOL
6. Lady Bug Fever
7. tiffanyherrington - flower
8. VinDeeLoo
9. TxSunflower2 - cowboy
10. planlady19 - animals LOL
11. AmyMLT LOL
12. TerriLeader - baby girl
13. LadyBugFever
14. tiffanyherrington - birthday
15. TxSunflower2 - cowgirl
16. Scrappy Tinman

(RECEIVED LOL) – List updated 20/01/2011

As you can see my theme for this swap is “Butterfly” which is obviously no surprise as I LOVE butterflies. Played around making some altered paperclips and it’s so much fun and so easy. Will post some pics of the ones I’ve made as soon as I've uploaded them Smile

Chat soon.