Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simply Scrappy Crafts site closed down :(

Due to health reasons, Judy decided to close down the SSC site and as much as im going to miss going on the site for inspiration and a chat with all the wonderful people i met from all over the world, i do understand the reasoning behind Judy's decision.

Also a very big thank you to Judy for all her hard work on the site and to inspiring us in everything we did. Wishing her a speedy recovery with her back and her health in general.

Having said that, i was unfortunately not in time to message all my new friends :( but i will try my utmost to get hold of your blog addy's and follow you.
Other than that, i haven't been that creative with us busy with alterations here at home and with all the noise, dust and everything else, did i mention DUST, i just have not been in the mood to create anything. Hopefully when all this altering is complete and i'm in my new BIGGER room i'll be more inspired to create!?! :)

Wishing everyone an awesome week ahead and to all my fellow South African's, here's to a warmer week.