Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovely Birthday Indeed

Hello everybody,

So today i became a year older and what a lovely day it was. I was surprised at work with my work area being decorated in  bright yellow smiley faces and a balloon and a card from Management. During the day i was blessed with not a few but many lovely messages on bbm; facebook and the forums and spoilt rotten by friends and family.

Thank you to everyone that made my day truly special. Really means the world to me knowing that i have so many awesome and amazing people in my life.

Will load a few pics of what my day involved as soon as i've uploaded them to my mac :)

Tons of hugs,


Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Credit Controller's Day

Yesterday we attended National Credit Controller's Day at Emperor's Palace hosted by Experian. The entire day was an amazing experience shared with +/- 700 other ladies. Alot of laughter, gifts, yummy food and in general and lovely day out of the office.

Of course i would take note of the colour scheme and theme of the event as i'm a avid crafter and yes the whole time i was there i was thinking of how i could turn that into greeting cards and the fact that i LOVE anything to do with Damask, well you can just imagine how thrilled i was when we saw our tables.

Theme was black and white. So picture this: +/- 80 round tables covered with white table cloths. Each table with a white runner with black velvet damask design on. Each alternative table with either a black or white lamp shade with crystals. Each table with co-ordinating chair covers alternating in Black or white with Silver rope tie backs.

As for the food, started off with finger food for tea and then a 3 course meal during the course of the day.

Every guest received a goodie bag that has a few little items in them such as  a personalised calendar, pens, calculator folder that has little sticky notes & flags, liquid hand soap, ruler etc.....

How cool is the calendar. Each page has an image with my name on it. I have my own Eifell Tower, Red Phone Booth, Beach..... and Hollywood is now known as LeeWood..... hehe! I feel real important... lol! Will take pics of each page and load them for a giggle as soon as i have a chance.

The day consisted of many give-aways, talks, motivational speakers and just a lot of fun. Although I personally didn't win any gifts, I had an amazing day and hope to attend next years event.

Thanks for reading and chat to you all soon.