Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Credit Controller's Day

Yesterday we attended National Credit Controller's Day at Emperor's Palace hosted by Experian. The entire day was an amazing experience shared with +/- 700 other ladies. Alot of laughter, gifts, yummy food and in general and lovely day out of the office.

Of course i would take note of the colour scheme and theme of the event as i'm a avid crafter and yes the whole time i was there i was thinking of how i could turn that into greeting cards and the fact that i LOVE anything to do with Damask, well you can just imagine how thrilled i was when we saw our tables.

Theme was black and white. So picture this: +/- 80 round tables covered with white table cloths. Each table with a white runner with black velvet damask design on. Each alternative table with either a black or white lamp shade with crystals. Each table with co-ordinating chair covers alternating in Black or white with Silver rope tie backs.

As for the food, started off with finger food for tea and then a 3 course meal during the course of the day.

Every guest received a goodie bag that has a few little items in them such as  a personalised calendar, pens, calculator folder that has little sticky notes & flags, liquid hand soap, ruler etc.....

How cool is the calendar. Each page has an image with my name on it. I have my own Eifell Tower, Red Phone Booth, Beach..... and Hollywood is now known as LeeWood..... hehe! I feel real important... lol! Will take pics of each page and load them for a giggle as soon as i have a chance.

The day consisted of many give-aways, talks, motivational speakers and just a lot of fun. Although I personally didn't win any gifts, I had an amazing day and hope to attend next years event.

Thanks for reading and chat to you all soon.




  1. Hi!
    I am a new follower and found your blog through The Outlawz Follow Me Forum.
    You have a lovely blog! Gonna enjoy looking back and to follow forward :)


  2. You found me on Outlawz, so I found you back!lol What a fabby table setting and gifts too!

    Love, Laura

  3. hey Lee, me again... Cindy from TO, I am just popping in to check what u been up to....sounds like you had a blast, and the decorations sound amazing, nice descriptive narrative, lol I'll be checking in on occassion and hope you get a chance to visit me as well