Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick birthday prezzie.... and an ATC first.....

Hello beautiful crafters...... Hope you've had an awesome weekend so far?!?

Here in South Africa, Winter is definitely on it's way so it's a bit chilly here this morning in Johannesburg.

I had to make a birthday prezzie for someone and thought i would make a bon-bon box as it's quick and easy with little hassle and easy on the pocket.

Decided to make it in lime green and cerise pink with white accents and white tissue paper. The box is filled with Feror Rocher chocolates.

I must say, it definitely came out far better than i had thought it would.

Other than that i've been pottering with the idea of ATC's and have joined two swaps on a local forum called

My first attempt at an ATC was made with paper that i have crumpled up and then distressed with Tim Holtz "Old Paper" ink. Layered with a piece of torn light green paper. Then added a flower and butterfly and rhinestones and added glitter glue to some of the "cracks" of the "old paper".

Let me end off by saying that today i'm going to work some more on my B&W Paperbag mini album and maybe start another album i've been planning.

Until next time.  Keep warm and keep crafting.



Saturday, May 5, 2012

My thoughts of the Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Expression.....

Good afternoon all,

As some of you may know i sold my Cricut Expression last year around March and decided to buy another machine that i could have more versatility with not having to buy million of cartridges for cuts i could design on my mac. After many months of investigating and researching i opted for the Silhouette Cameo.

Please note, before you read any further, that i have in no way been endorsed by either Company nor have i been given anything by these Companies, this is just my opinion.

I have had my Silhouette Cameo for about 5 months and although i love the freedom to design anything on the software that comes with the machine I've found two things that annoy me slightly about the machine. Firstly the blade.... it most definitely does not last as long as the Cricut's blade and i find that little shaving tend to go into the blade holder which causes the blade to almost hack the paper while cutting. Secondly, the cameo doesn't quite like the thicker card stock and even after cutting the same designs two to three times it still doesn't cut all the way through. Thirdly, at this stage there is only one type of blade for the Cameo which CANNOT cut chipboard thicker than cereal boxes. 

Like i said it's tiny things that annoy me but wont make me get rid of my machine. Besides these three little issues, i design all my own tags, folders, envelopes etc using the Silhouette Studio which is a major benefit in my book.

Do i miss my Pink Cricut Expression?!? Honestly.... YES I DO. Even though i would've had to buy a cartridge for images i wanted to cut, there's a "deep cut" blade that makes it possible to cut thicker card all the way up to thin chipboard which i would like to do for my albums.

All in all, i like both machines and maybe I'll buy myself another expression in the future, but for now I'll look for another solution to cut my chipboard.

Other than my thoughts on the machines, I've been working on my Black & White mini album. It now officially has a cover... lol! Here are some updated pics. 

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to comment and leave some love....