Saturday, November 16, 2013

Amble Photography Course by David Peterson

With me loving photography I have been wanting to further my knowledge and skills so that I am able to take better photos and possibly make it into a career in the near future.

The opportunity has arisen for me to take an online course where I can still work and "study" at the same time.

First thing I've personally learnt, before even attempting a course of any sort is: "READ YOUR MANUAL THAT CAME WITH YOUR CAMERA!!!!!"

The Amble Photography Course started on Tuesday the 12th and we almost on our way to week 2 of the course already.

This week we are learning about Composition.... Really???? What the heck???

Rule of the third, Focal Point - easy enough.... so I thought.... then I read on.... Golden Ratio, Golden Triangles and spirals....

I automatically started thinking "What the heck did i sign up for?"

So, i decided to stick to what i know..... for now.... Rule of the thirds and Focal Points.

I submitted these two photos for this week's topics:



We still have until Monday evening to submit so i would like to try my hand at the Stretch Goal for this week.

Wishing you a lovely weekend further and until next time.