Saturday, November 16, 2013

Amble Photography Course by David Peterson

With me loving photography I have been wanting to further my knowledge and skills so that I am able to take better photos and possibly make it into a career in the near future.

The opportunity has arisen for me to take an online course where I can still work and "study" at the same time.

First thing I've personally learnt, before even attempting a course of any sort is: "READ YOUR MANUAL THAT CAME WITH YOUR CAMERA!!!!!"

The Amble Photography Course started on Tuesday the 12th and we almost on our way to week 2 of the course already.

This week we are learning about Composition.... Really???? What the heck???

Rule of the third, Focal Point - easy enough.... so I thought.... then I read on.... Golden Ratio, Golden Triangles and spirals....

I automatically started thinking "What the heck did i sign up for?"

So, i decided to stick to what i know..... for now.... Rule of the thirds and Focal Points.

I submitted these two photos for this week's topics:



We still have until Monday evening to submit so i would like to try my hand at the Stretch Goal for this week.

Wishing you a lovely weekend further and until next time.




  1. As you are so experienced, you may have been more suited to the Photography Dash. Each day two topics were covered and each person posted their best photos taken that day. Most people learnt something, and the better photographers were generous with their critiques and encouragement. There was a group of about 400 people from many countries all willing to share their ideas and their photos. A very constructive group.

  2. Hi Marion,

    Thank you for the compliment. As it has been a crazy time for me both at home and at work, i decided to take the Amble as it would give me enough time to submit my photos for the week. I am however doing the Christmas Dash, where i'm learning even more and meeting tons of lovely like minded people.